Telescopic Handler Training

Telehandler forklift training, CPCS, Red & Blue cards.

Many of the leading construction companies operating today have followed the lead of The UK Contractors Group (UKCG) which is the primary association for contractors operating in the UK.

They have decided that only plant operator/drivers who have telehandler training and hold a CPCS operators ticket will work on their sites, and more companies are following suit.

Before long it is expected that only people who carry a CPCS plant operator's card will be able to work on any construction site and drive telehandlers.

Make sure you are fully qualified to operate your Telescopic Handler, Your future may depend on it!

So what can you do?

If you are an experienced driver of a telehandler, why not get yourself qualified to the country's leading competency card scheme, a CPCS operators card. Simply contact Industrial Training Services and we can handle the rest for you, with qualified assessors we can arrange for a test & test area with all the necessary equipment and make it available for you.

We at Industrial Training Services provide fully trained instructor/assessors for professional tuition and guidance, we can also assist you in gaining your NVQ qualification of competence.

Remember your CPCS Red card will only last for two years, in this time you need to complete your NVQ level 2 in plant operations to retain your card.

For your NVQ Assessment you have come to the right place - turn your red operator card into a blue competency card with our professional services.

Construction Skills Grants

If you are an employer in the construction industry and a Construction Skills (CITB) Levy payer then Grants are available for all CPCS Testing and CAA Training Programmes. All short duration courses could also be funded through the Construction Skills Grants Scheme.

Telescopic Handler CPCS card

The telehandler category is divided into 4 categories, so ensure you get it right.

  • A17A Telescopic Handler (Industrial Telescopic Handler)
  • A17B Telescopic Handler (Up to 9 Metres)
  • A17C Telescopic Handler (Above 9 Metres excluding 360 slew)
  • A17D Telescopic Handler (All sizes including 360 slew)
Part One

To apply for a test only you must have a current Health & Safety test pass (within the last 2 years) to be able to sit a theory & practical test.

Part Two

A professional discussion on a one to one basis. The CPCS Tester will read out a question and you must answer correctly. The pass mark is approximately 80% and the duration of this test is 1 hour 15 minutes (maximum).

We do have Telescopic Handler study notes available on request at £9.99, all the answers to the questions are embedded in the text, they will also give you guidance on good practice that will help with the practical test.

Part Three

A practical test. We will supply the equipment and the test area, which meets the CPCS criteria. You will be given instructions by the CPCS tester and you have 2 hours 15 minutes (maximum) to complete the practical test.

No pre-training will be given if you book the test only

If you require training we have 3 options available for you

Option 1 - 5 Days

Telehandler Novice course, this course is designed for Telehandler operators with no previous experience.

Option 2 - 3 Days

Telehandler Semi-experience operator course, this course is designed for Telehandler operators with some previous experience.

Option 3 - 1 Day

Telehandler refresher course, this course is designed for Telehandler operators that have previously been certificated.

Course Outline

  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.
  • Provision & use of work equipment Regulations 1998.
  • Lifting operations & lifting equipment regulations 1998.
  • Personal Protective equipment.
  • Identification of components & terminology and capabilities.
  • Awareness of electricity and proximity hazards on site during telehandler operations.
  • Pre-operational checks.
  • Telescopic Handler Operation techniques, safe use of the telescopic fork lift.
  • Identification of controls.
  • Drive and manoeuvre machine, park and secure.
  • Prepare for transportation.
  • Driving on slopes laden/unladen, controlled stop laden.
  • Driving on uneven ground unladen and laden.
  • Lifting loads and placing loads at ground level.
  • Lifting loads and placing loads at eye level.
  • Lifting loads and placing loads at high level.
  • Placing loads on to and off of scaffolding towers.
  • Loading a lorry.
  • Travelling on public highway.
  • Loading on to and off of low loader.
  • Practical and theory tests.

If you wish to book a training course for the Telescopic Handler or just a test please call on 01268 560400


In order for a trained operator of a Telescopic Handler to move from a (RED CARD) through to a competent operator Telescopic Handler (BLUE CARD) you will need to provide evidence of your practical abilities and working knowledge of the industry you are in. Your practical abilities should be relatively easy to assess and the assessor could complete in normally 2 site visits, but you will be required to provide additional tangible evidence in your knowledge of site procedures, security, company procedures etc.

However with the help of our experienced assessors you will find it a straight forward experience.

Once you have achieved your Telescopic Handler NVQ you can then apply for your Competent operators card (BLUE CARD) once you have this you are able to operate a Telescopic Handler on site for 5 years. You will also be issued with a logbook, you will need to log at least 300 Hours of operating experience on a Telescopic Handler over a 5 years period to enable you to renew your card, as well as passing the Health and Safety test you will also need to pass the new operators renewal test (coming soon).


Telescopic Handlers are generally powered by diesel. They are suitable for when extremely heavy loads need to be lifted to height.

Telescopic handlers can generally lift weights of around 3 to 3.5 tonnes, sometimes even more and if this was not impressive enough, they can lift large loads to a height of around 15 metres or more, this clearly makes them very useful for heavy industry & construction. They are a great alternative to hiring heavy cranes or lifting equipment which can often be more expensive than telehandlers.

They are available in either 2 or 4 wheel drive which means they have great balance and can work on a number of different terrains. So, if you have heavy lifting to do a telescopic handler could really help.

For further information contact 01268 560400 or